• It is not abrasive and works with a chemical reaction. Thanks to its particular composition, colour, incrustations, black spots, rust and any impurities will be softened, removed and ejected from the machinery.

• An expanding and foaming agent makes it still more efficient, specially for the most difficult situations: machines with degassing and plasticizing accumulators.

• Ultra Plast cleans at the temperature of the previously worked material and does not need any soaking time during cleaning cycle.


• Non toxic
• No soak time during cleaning operation
• Safe and easy handling. Excellent efficiency
• Time saving for the cleaning operation. No raw material waste
• No smell: no unhealthy gas production
• No damage for machines: no solvent or abrasive material content
• If used frequently, it protects steel from oxidation making cleaning operations easier and faster
• All components of Ultra Plast compound are safe according FDA
• Certification according to CE 2002/72 and 10/2011 for the contact with food or drinks